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10 Minutes in Grand Central Terminal

 12.08.09: Grand Central Terminal, New York, NY.  A brief snapshot of my commute home.

  • 8:50 pm- After taking the M1 bus, which was at a slow, steady crawl down gloriously sparkly Fifth Avenue, I arrived at Grand Central Terminal.  Sadly, it was 10 minutes too late for my train (8:40 pm).
  • 8:52 pm- To ease the pain of missing my train, I went to Junior's and bought a too delicious cheesecake to take home.  Nice excuse.
  • 8:55 pm- As I walked by Hudson News, I noticed the following message: "WINTER'S ON THE WAY...FIERCE STORM."
  • 8:56 pm- A quick glance at the magazine display revealed that inquiring minds still have an interest in unfortunate public drama, and want to know.
  • 8:58 pm- Does everyone in New York wear black? Nods head.  Welcome to the season of mourning.
  • 9:00 pm- After a short walk, I reached my final destination, track 15.  The first words that the conductor said over the PA: "Make sure that you're right, this is the 9:10 New Haven-Line local train to Stamford, Connecticut.  Again, make sure that you're right."