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Harmony Designs: Cosmopolitan Living with a Global Flair

[Mount Vernon, NY] I had the joy of visiting Harmony Designs Furniture & Interiors, at the invitation of Robin Harmon-Myers.   She owns the striking furniture, accessories, and interior design studio, nestled in the heart of Mount Vernon’s historic South Fourth Avenue shopping district.  The retail store is located on the ground floor of a century-old, 12,500 square foot building owned by Robin and her husband Floyd. Directly above are three 2,500 square foot loft units.                                                                                                                             

Robin pursued an interior design career, and eventually opened her own business, after being a disappointed consumer in search of quality, culturally inspired designs.  “As a young African-American woman shopping for her first home, I kind of felt a void in the market. It was either completely ethnic or not at all.” 

Robin is an interior designer, whose diverse portfolio includes design services, for upscale retail spaces, and numerous residences, throughout the New York metropolitan area.   Her style is most accurately described, as timeless, giving a nod to tradition, while incorporating an amalgamation of modern, and cutting-edge, environmentally conscious décor. 

Proving that the world is truly a global village, Robin has traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa, after being chosen to visit by the South African Consulate.  She attended the country’s handmade tradeshow, and is now featuring new inventory from her latest excursion. 

The six-year-old store, has also received its share of media buzz.  It has been featured in Black Enterprise, and Westchester Home magazine.  Robin also penned an article, for Sister 2 Sister magazine, about the various aspects of loft living.  

I first met Robin four years ago, when she hosted a gracious and wonderful benefit party at her store.   Harmony Designs, has been the setting for any number of community meetings, book signings, book club meetings, art exhibitions, cottage parties, and charity events since its founding.  I once described it as a modern day salon of sorts, as her events attract a vibrant cross-section of people from throughout the New York metropolitan area.  

Anyone who enters the store should do so with keen curiosity to learn about new products, while soaking up the beauty of the environs.  In an age where design is often cookie-cutter, and mass produced, Robin has assembled unique home, and gift items that reflect her impeccable taste. 

The shelter emporium is a well-appointed, transformative, and comfortable oasis in the heart of busy downtown Mount Vernon.   Harmony Designs is truly a standout, as it combines the vibrancy of store that one might find in the Brooklyn brownstone neighborhoods, or Manhattan’s SoHo, but is convenient to those who live in Westchester County. What could be better than discovering the perfect find as a gift or for home, without having to travel!

One of Robin’s hallmarks has been to recommend environmentally sensitive products. The store is stocked with an eclectic variety of oversized vases, fine linens, candles, lamps, flatware, hurricanes, and many decorative accent pillows.   Contemporary furniture, wood-framed mirrors, and abstract artwork are among the many sumptuous accoutrements that are easily found.  Harmony Designs also carries items from the Carol’s Daughter beauty line.

Robin loves to impart her design knowledge to others through her in-store workshops, which are available to the public at least once a month. Robin takes pride in being a design educator, and offers a variety of classes ranging from archiving photographs, wine appreciation to design inspired by African American literature, textiles, and art.

(l to r) Erika Naughton, Robin Harmon-Myers (owner of Harmony Designs Furniture & Interiors), Lucinda Sloan-Fullan, and Vanessa Thorpe at the fabulous workshop.

During one summer workshop, I had the chance to learn about the merits of decorating outdoor patios, and spaces to enjoy nature to the fullest. It was quite a convivial afternoon of creating decorative displays using mint leaves, and sprigs of pretty purple annual flowers to place in small silver vases.  
Robin served a fresh salad, cookies, seasonal fruit, and had a generous crystal carafe of mint flavored iced water. We all had such a fabulous time talking, and creating that the time passed by far too quickly. I even won a rose bush from a local nursery.  In the end she said that she hosted the event because, "We are so focused on the need-based things.  We must carve out time to nurture ourselves.”  

For more information:
Harmony Designs Furniture & Interiors
115 South 4th Avenue
Mount Vernon, New York