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Winter Pampering Deluxe in the West Village


It is always great to report about small havens of sunshine that takes me away from the gray, less than glamorous days of dreary winter. Soapology, a six-month-old beauty apothecary provides that glimmer of hope with the promise of DELUXE pampering. It is a small West Village wonderland of soap, lotions bath beads, sea salt scrubs, and every fantabulous indulgence imaginable.

I've visited the store twice in the past two months, more mesmerized and converted by the experience each time. Soapology doesn't product test on our furry friends, and it prides itself on using all natural with organically based ingredients.

The old fashioned alabaster walls, the graceful chandelier, large soaking tub sink, and wooden shelves are reminiscent of a small country cottage. The super friendly and exceptionally accommodating staff members immediately made me feel like I was at home, as they gave an in-depth introduction of their fantastic product line.

A complimentary in-store demonstration of their products immediately sold me. My weather cold stung hands were treated to a warm water wash with gentle exfoliating salt scrubs, shea butter soap, a walnut polishing scrub followed by sumptuous lily of the valley scented body butter. It made my hands look so bright and renewed! I will return!

Here's the scoop: Soapology
67 Eighth Avenue, New York